Prayer is what connects us with God. It's the life-giving language for our relationship with Him. Although it's mysterious and sometimes frustrating, it's also simple and accessible for everyone.

Why Should I Pray? Is God Really Listening?

It’s common to wonder whether prayer makes any difference or is even worth the effort but people who have a meaningful connection with God through prayer would respond…Yes, it absolutely makes a difference…it’s my lifeline. Learning to prayer is so worth the effort!

I Don't Know How to Pray! Help!

So you’re ready to pray but not exactly sure what to do or what should happen. You want to pray but you feel a bit tongue-tied and uncertain. Here’s a simple tool that’s been helpful to many in learning to connect with God in prayer.

Is There a Right Way or Wrong Way to Prayer?

To move forward in prayer the question of right and wrong isn’t nearly as helpful as asking ----what will move me towards the goal of meaningful connection with God? There’s lots of helpful answers to that question.

When and Where Should I Pray?

Prayer is an incredible gift! It’s mind-blowing that we’re invited to spend time with the God of the universe. He loves to hear our voice as we pray to Him and He longs to share His heart with us. He promises to give us wisdom and show us good paths leading to the kind of life we’re looking for but a life of meaningful interaction with God takes intention.


Depending on where you are in your journey, here are a variety of resources for you where you can learn more about prayer.

Solemn Assembly - A Week of Prayer For Everyone

Beginning the year with a week of prayer is really a primer for the pattern we want to dedicate ourselves to for the whole year, being people who intentionally and regularly make space in our lives to meet with God in prayer.

We'd Love to Pray For You

How can we pray for you or celebrate with you this season?

We'd Love to Pray For You