Spiraling Up: Becoming Serious about Faith

After attending different programs within the church, but not finding her place of belonging, Heather struggled, and at times felt invisible. “There were times I would go back and forth from church and there was such a disconnect between what I wanted and what I needed – most of the time I was a hot mess.” Not giving in to defeat, Heather decided to try again and joined a Life Group; She is glad she took that chance.

“Our group is amazing – we poke each other and have fun,” Heather says laughing. Although the people in Heather’s Life Group are at different phases in their lives, there is a deep care for one another. In actuality, they don’t refer to themselves as a Life Group; instead they refer to it as their Care Group. “We care about each other and we debate over text messages; it’s not just the two hours we meet every week. This group has been wonderful for connection… it’s the little things they do.” A person in their group suggested What’sApp. Throughout the week, we send one another prayer requests, messages of encouragement and check-in.

Heather has been part of the group for a little over a year and when asked how being a part of a Life Group has changed her life, she claims it would be easier to list the ways it hasn’t changed her life! “I have been doing life on my own for a long time and that can be really lonely.” There would be long periods of time when she wouldn’t see anyone or talk to anyone. Attending service was not enough for Heather; saying hello to a greeter at service would sometimes be the only exchange she would have with someone all weekend—she longed for connection.

As a believer, if you want your faith and relationship with Jesus to flourish , you need the nourishment of belonging to a Life Group to grow. “For me, belonging to a group is like taking in fresh air, sunshine.” Now, Heather gets excited talking about God, “I get challenged with stuff that builds my character and helps me try to become more like Christ – I am spiraling up. I am more serious about God and my faith.”

Heather encourages anyone thinking about joining a Life Group to take the risk. Joining a group does not mean having to express your feelings and share your life story (unless of course you want to). You will get to know people, have fun and deepen your faith, “You have nothing to lose and lots to gain. I don’t feel a huge urge to bare my soul, but now I feel like I have friends, and am with people I trust… who couldn’t handle having one more friend?!”


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